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CFD & FEA Analysis

SaCEn team expertise in simulation driven product validation using Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics (FEA & CFD) techniques enables the designers, manufactures and operators to understand and visualize complex flow behavior and its interaction with structure of any process equipments, devices, piping & assemblies there-by enable to design for Thermal shocks, Structural/Contact stresses, Vibration and better Factor Of Safety (FOS). SaCEn can engineer a need as per the specific customized requirements of the client and validate the findings with FEA & CFD optimization techniques so as to ensure the best results even prior the trial run. CFD computational techniques can also be applied in projects like setting up and maintaining of heat exchangers, boilers, and section wise plant design optimization

FEA Core-Competency

• Structural substantiation against Limit Stress, Vibration effects & Thermal failures
• Thermal stress evaluation of Boilers, Heat exchangers & Fired heaters
• Fatigue analysis to validate the cyclic loading devices or equipments
• Explicit Dynamics for non linear analysis
• Fracture Mechanics - crack propagation study
• Thermal-Structure-Modal coupled analysis for a complete evaluation
• RLA & Re-Design for better performance, efficiency and life

CFD Core-Competency

• Flow Simulation in Boilers, Fired Heaters, Heat Exchangers & Ducts
• Flow simulation & induced vibration study of axial and centrifugal devices
• Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) in Pressure Vessels, Manifolds, Cooling Towers & Fluidized beds
• Simulation of Reacting flows in Air Heaters & Furnaces
• Steady-State & Transient, Incompressible & Compressible Fluid Flow analysis
• Laminar & Turbulent Flow analysis of gas turbines
• Multiphase Flow Analysis

Application Industries

• Chemical / Petrochemicals
• Energy / Power Generation
• Manufacturing / Process Engineering
• Oil & Gas
• Architectural Science / HVAC
• Pharmaceuticals
• Product Design / Optimization
• Turbo-Machinery
• Aerospace / Aeronautics / Automotive / Automobile


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